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7 Delicious Ways To Eat Oats For Breakfast

Are oats healthy for breakfast? Absolutely! We’d have them every day if we could. The only thing potentially stopping us is a lack of variety - so that’s why we scoured the world wide web and looked for other ways we can have oats for breakfast. And, boy, did we find some good ones.

We’ll start with the most simple oats recipes for breakfast and keep leveling up until we reach seven. Before we get into that, though, how about we dabble on what the different oat types are?

Get The Right Oats For Breakfast

getting the right oats

Believe it or not, there are different types of oats that you can get in the supermarket. You can find rolled oats, instant oats, and even steel-cut oats. There are actually more varieties, but these are what’s likely more common!

Instant Oats

As the name implies, these are oats that can be prepared and eaten in minutes. They are ones that usually come in sachets with some flavourings or other dehydrated ingredients mixed in. Instant oats are geared towards busybodies who don’t have much time to go out and eat.

Rolled Oats

The more familiar oats are the rolled oats! You may be eating more of this if you have oats for breakfast on a frequent basis. Rolled oats have a naturally sweeter taste among the group. They make perfect baking ingredients, too - they can be made into cookies and bars!

Steel-Cut Oats

If you’ve ever come across chewy oats, they might be the distinctive steel-cut oats! These oats have a rice-like appearance and tend to be tougher than others on this list. These would, however, cook faster. 

Bread, Bars, and Beyond…

Bowl of Oats

bowl of oats

Get your morning oats settled. How many grams of oats for breakfast do you even need? Well, a standard portion is 50 grams or a half cup. You can even have about 80 to 100 grams of oats a day, really. 

A bowl of oats can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Some like adding almond milk and some sweetener to make it tastier. Some add freshness with a sprinkle of fresh berries or bananas.

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats

We’re not all morning people. Sometimes we have to drag ourselves out of bed! If this sounds like you, then you’d likely have trouble making a decent breakfast, no matter how simple, every day. 

Overnight oats are simple, prepare them before you head to bed and then enjoy a cool breakfast in the morning! Often made with a scoop or two of yoghurt, plant-based milk, and fruits, overnight oats are delicious! If you want a little texture, sprinkle some chopped nuts on top.


granola oats

We can’t talk about oats recipes for breakfast without mentioning granola. This loose-textured variation is a combination of rolled oats, nuts, syrup, or brown sugar. You can make a large batch of granola by placing all ingredients in a large tray and baking it. Once they reach a toasted texture or golden-brown colour, your granolas are done.

A lot of folks like having granola with their fave plant-based milk. You can enjoy it with yours or just simply munch away as it is.

Oaty Bread

oaty bread

While you can go the obvious route and sprinkle and mix in some oats in your fave bread recipe, you can switch it up. 

Side note: You totally should add oats to your bread recipe for extra nutrition and texture!

But, let’s get more creative by making bread with none other than oat flour! From pancakes to pie crusts, oat flour can do just about anything regular baking flour can do. It’s also an excellent source of fibre (and you definitely want that in the morning).



An iconic cafe pair is a good brew and a delicious muffin. While often thought as the heavier and more filling sibling of the cupcake, oat muffins can be light but still satisfying. If you aren’t that hungry but know that you need something to fill the tummy, grab a tasty oat muffin.

A basic oat muffin sounds delicious enough, but you can actually add some fruits for that extra flavour! 

Oat Bars

oat bars

If you’re planning a morning trip or trek, an oat bar can fill you up and give you a boost on the go. This is a more convenient way to have oats for breakfast as it’s simply one that you can eat with one hand, without the need for plates or cutlery.

Similar to the other oats recipes for breakfast, you can make this your own! We like using rolled oats and adding maple syrup, chocolate chips, and nut butter. We’ll maybe finish it off with a few banana slices and some nuts!



A diner delicacy, the humble crumble is a fantastic recipe that can feature oats for breakfast! Sure, it’s perceived as a dessert, but who says you can’t have some for breakfast? Think about having a huge plate of vegan eggs, plant-based sausages, and some hash browns. Complete that big breakfast with a helping of oat crumble!

Oat crumble, once you have a recipe down pat, is a versatile recipe that can highlight seasonal fruits. You can even go for the delicious choc and oats combination if you’d like!

T-Oat-Ally Delicious Oats For Breakfast

mango coconut bliss oatmeal

While these all sound like tasty recipes, they need time to make! If you really really can’t spare a minute to take care of breakfast, then we at XMeals have your back. With morning meals like a Mango Coconut Bliss Oatmeal or Mixed Berry Protein Overnight Oats, you’re already getting the best oats for breakfast that you could ever want… delivered straight to your home, too!

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